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Cathy Warren

Since I Last Remembered
Warren Since I last remembered who you were;
I remembered who I might have been.
Since I last remembered a faint longing of emotion;
I remembered feeling how lost and distant those emotions are.
Since I last the courage to look at you in the mirrior,
Ive lost myself to find myself;
all in that brief and uneasy stare.
Since I last remebered how you lived;
I remembered how you died; no markers; no funeral, heralded your passing.
Since I last remembered that I missed you;
I remembered the shadows that have become fragmented; broken beyond repair.
Since I last remembered to save you from drowning;
I remembered how the currents of pain and hurt have washed away the pier.
Since I last remembered to let your person go;
I remembered the courage it takes to hold on, just one more day of your death.
Since I last remembered to say goodbye and to forget,
I remember life now, not as the same;
Never to be again as before........JUST DIFFERENT.


For The Love of Her Partner
Her partner's love is so gentle and tender.
When she is insulted, he will defend her.

Her partner is her one and onlly man.
For her he will do whatever he can!

Her partner heelps her so they have more time for fun.
He helps her to get her bigger jobs doine.

Her partner will comfort her when she is blue.
He will hug her when saying, "Babe, I love you."

Her partner will also bring his problems to her.
And her birthday he will most always remember.

Her partner is most likely her number one friend.
He will love and support her whenevere he can.

A partner lijke this is now so hard to find.
Women who have this will most always shine!

My Walk With God
When I was in my coma,
With God I took a walk.
He said that walking would take some time,
But immediately I would talk.
God isn't all that handsome.
Reallly, He's rather dirty.
And God would have helped my ego
If He had only been more flirty
Well, I've been sleeping two weeks when God shouts,
"Cathy, wake up! Your coma is done"
Then calmly He says,
"What you need and deserve
is to get out and have fun!!"