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Carol "Gigenie" Brown

Hey Caroline how are you?
Oh Hi, Hi how are you...
What's new?
Hey do you remember staying at my house for a week?
No, I don't remember much. Two trucks hit me. I was in a coma. Thank God I am still alive. I am ok now. I don't have any problems.
Do you remember the days when we use to sing and do dishes?
No, no I don't.
Do you remember living in Colorado? Do you remember me coming to visit you for a week?
No, I don't really remember much.
Caroline what do you remember about when we were young?
I don't remember much. Theos is God in Greek. I want to be a physicians assistant. I do operations all the time. Backs, I do everything.
Caroline, hey. You remember I have three kids, right?
No, I am suprised. I didn't know you had kids.
Caroline you were the best big sister. You always loved me. You took care of me when mom was gone.
I'm sorry I am crying. I am going to say good bye to this thing I push. I am going back packing. I am going to lift weights and swim.
Caroline that thing is called a walker. You know that.
Theos is God in Greek. I want to study the Bible or maybe be a physicians assisant. I was hit by 2 trucks. I was in a coma but I am ok now. Thank God I am alive.
I know Caroline. I was there. You don't have to tell me. I was there.
I am sorry. I am crying.....I was hit by 2 trucks. I was in a coma but now I am ok. Thank God I am still alive.

(My sister Carol was recovering from a car accident. She was doing so well. She made everyone around her smile. She was 6 months out and almost ready to live in a group home environment. Last Friday she had a really terrible seizure and is still in the hospital. She doesn't remember anything we did after the accident. We are starting all over again...I just want to build a memory that will stick.)