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Cara Atkins

College Fears
Such a new,unfamiliar place,
Will I be 'just another face'?
So used to being accepted wherever I go,
Will I ever get used to the word no?

I feel like I'm 14 again,getting ready to start high school,
Will my disability label me a fool?
I will be among 'the older freshman' at 22,
But I need to prove just what I can do.

It will take a lot of effort on my part,
But I can prove that I am smart.
A brain injury does not equal dumb,
I'm sure it will be hard to change the opinions of some.

In my long journey,all on my own,
I can and will prove to them that I have intelligence to loan.
Maybe it's time to change their opinions of us,
It will just take some time and a lot of fuss.

Cara Atkins

January 18,1997-that is the day that the old Cara died.
Who ever said that I was going to awake from the coma 'my perky old self'?
Apparently,many friends thought that I was.
Many people couldn't deal with the fact that I was in a wheelchair
They said that the experience was just too much to handle.

I have cried from time to time
But then feel like throwing my hands up in despair.
Why have I lost so many 'friends'?
Perhaps it is just the fact that they cannot accept change
Or maybe theyr'e too scared to say goodbye.

Cara Atkins