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Brian "SYank " Moore

At the kitchen table this evening, I'm thinking, "What is there to do?" Coming up wi' nothing new, I proceed to get up, and walk out the front door.

Noting all was as it had been, so I proceeded to walk up in the air. My right leg shot ahead a good yard, when I started running. As it planted itself firmly down, a few feet in the air, my other leg jumped ahead, to keep things in order.

Being a Marathon runner, I ascended a few hundred yards, in short order. Then, noticing birds flying under me - their little eyes peering up at me, in disbelief saying, "Since when do you fly? You have no right to! You don't even have wings! We have to flap our asses off, to get our wings to fly us around!"

Then I sat up in bed.

Brian Moore

Different Critters
Beth & I saw three manatees in the water – a baby, mother, and it seemed, a father figure wi’ them, too, or a male tagalong, in pursuit of the mother, who kept close proximity, to her pup.

I marvel at this fine example of nature that eludes the everyday bustle, and hubbub, of modern life.

Manatees are quite fond of eating, which they do, for 6 to 8 hours a day. They also rest from 2 – 12 hours a day. These critters may reach 13 feet in length, & up to 3500 lbs.

They move about the rest of the day, curiously checking things out, & socializing by mouthing, rubbing against, & coming together with other manatees.

Brian Moore (Tuesday, September 5, 2000)

Let me think...
I walk up to the table aside my kitchen, and set myself down. I'm aiming to do some creative writing,as I state to my aide, Helen.

So, wi' pen twirling in my hand, trying to make the pictures in my head stop spinning around, that I can concentrate on 1 storyline, in particular,
First, I see dinosaurs twirling on by.

Look, theres a bloodthirsty Tyranosaurus Rex ambling along, in pursuit of a massive Brontosaurus.
Oh, and there's a camel, walking across a parched desert.
He's envisioning a lake of life- sustaining drinking water.

Yet before him, theres just more cactus, and sand.
Ah,theres a penguin, enthralled wi' how cold it is around him, in the ice and snow.

Heres a tall man, wi' a bald bean.
"No good!"
Baldy says to me, grimacing wi' disfavor.

"Youre imagination just won't cut it!"turning his head side to side.
In retaliatory manner, I just let Baldy be -- nothing.

Brian Moore

Jacob here, is not your ordinary monkey, by a long shot.

"I'll tell em' about myself!" Jake bellowed, quickly stepping up, dragging his knuckles. "You humanoids, in your fancy buildings, know nothing about our sophisticated, monkey-critter lives; what wi' you diminutively- brained humans!

You think of yourselves as in the same line of life as us ape-like critters, & well", Jake dropped his right, furry arm to his hip, "Actually, you merely have the blessing of having our basic body-form. Yet you humanoids have none of our monkey-wit!" Jake took a step or two aside, wi' a furrowed brow of disgust.

"I never see you people swinging from trees, like us monkeys!"

Jake stopped and chuckled, his head bobbing up and down as he did.

"Guess that's too advanced for you humans!"

I looked at Jake, as he strutted along, with a smile on my face. I then left, without another word.

I cared not, to burst Jake's bubble, & left him thinking that monkeys were at the very top of the line of intelligent life on earth.

Not yet, tho.

Brian Moore

Another day…
What if…
We'd fall up; birds would fly down - underground. We'd turn on the radio - and all music - all sounds to be heard in the immediate vacinity, would quickly be sucked into the radio - not to be heard.
No aquariums with fish in 'em would be able to be in the house, or the water would quickly drain out - leaving the floor wet - th' aquarium dry. Fish wouldn't appreciate that.
Turn on the TV, & whatever is on the screen - would come alive, in the place you're watching the tube from.
Alas, then reality hits. Gotta take the garbage out.

Brian Moore