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Brenda "Bren"

"Some Day This too Will Pass"
- dedicated to Aaron

Someday This Too Will Pass

Dedicated to Aaron, my son, a TBI SURVIVOR
from his Mom

The night that you came into my life,  
the sun lit up the moon 
the stars twinkled with baby glitter  
and the angels sang a tune 
you  looked at me with wonder eyes  
and you seemed a bit confused 
you probably wondered who I was  
and you didn t seem amused. 
We finally decided who we were  
and began our life devotions 
a bond so tight between mom and son  
that supersedes emotions. 
The days and years ahead we walked the path together 
Good and bad, sad and glad just like the changing weather, 
Toothless nights and fairies, Santa Claus and bunnies, 
Baseball games and homework, Sunday comic funnies, 
Scraped knees, bandaid elbows, and a tender bone or two, 
Patching up and repairing became my life with you, 
Lizards, frogs and grasshoppers in jars around our house, 
I just couldn t tell you that your cat ate your pet mouse. 
Soon you were in high school  
and the baby you departed, 
First cars, first girls, first dates  
and kisses quickly started, 
Tears shed at graduation, your whole world was open wide, 
Until the day we nearly lost you -  
the day we thought you died, 
Your heart and soul survived  
but your brain was much too bruised, 
Then your life forever changed   
and you became so confused, 
To walk and talk, to dress,  
to bathe, to live became your rule, 
It tears my heart to see you fight so hard 
 when the world seems so cruel, 
Now your life is so complicated  
and things just don t seem right, 
but don t forget old  mom is here  
from daytime into night 
I know that you are brave and strong 
 and will face it all with class 
Just believe me when I tell you 
 that "someday this too will pass".