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Whipping Girl

                                         12:45 AM 
      B-4 you read this pome please keep in mind that this pome is about me and the
way that someone els that knows about my brain injury and how they treat me
knowing that I am easily confused and taken advantig of. 
       To me from day one it seemed to be real, 
    at first sighttrue love between us. 
       I had never seen you b-4 nor had you seen me, 
   even though we only lived apart by a few blocks or so. 
       Now time has passed and as I look back, 
   I see that I made some mistakes, 
           mistakes that you said you forgave me 4 
     but yet it clearly seems that you haven't. 
   for each time we make plans you almost always fail  
  to keep your end of the deal, and some how always try to pen it on me.Yet time and
time again I forgive you and then  
the same thing keeps happening repeatedly. 
     Yah (!!!) every now and then you do keep your word, 
   but mor than not you leave me in the dust not having a care, 
      A care in the world about how I feel or what this does to me. Knowing I have
no friends outher than you and knowing that I have a hard time finding any
true friends.                                                              
Guess what!! I'm sick of your butt. I'm going on and forgetting about you.
I've got so much to do and so little time, time wich can be spent with out
you, doing better things  then just sitting hear waisting my precious time
being your emotional whipping-girl.