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Blaine A Stanziana

A Head Injury is difficult,You never will know the full result.
It is full of people who don't understand,That why you act and feel so Damed.
Question's that you'll never get answer's,But people act like it's a Balley Dancer.
You can never put a price on suffering and pain,With a Head Injury you have nothing to gain.
So I will go through life and all it's sorrow, And Hope someday I will feel a little Better, Maybe Tomorrow

Blaine A Stanziana 12-4-94

I wake up feeling depressed and slow,
The first thought's are which way to go.
Down to the kitchen in the drawer past the knife,
I find those pill's that I will take for life.

After I guzzel and swollow a few,
Now come's the task of who is who.
Will I be nice and have a good day,
Or will that monster come and chase people away.

I never mean to get so upset,
But how can you judge a person you've never met.
Situtation's are not all the same,
Some people feel more or maybe less pain.

Then come's the doctor's who tell you how to feel,
And I tell them,if you were in my shoe's then it would be real.
So as I exit the office as thier put in thier place,
I walk out the door and try my damest to fit in this Human Race. Blaine A Stanziana