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My daughter Emma wrote this Poem about caring for her mum

Lifting the heartache

I can hardly remember how my mum used to be
before it all happened..our own tragedy

I took her for granted thought she'd always be there
Now she's so different..it just isn't fair

Once we were a normal family,just your average everyday
It's funny how suddenly it can be all ripped away

Mt mum was who I turned to when I faced the worst
Now she turns to me because our roles have been reversed

I was sixteen when it happened,a child still at school
I had to grow up fast and learn to face it all

It's easy to let self pity eat you up inside
It's easy when you're feeling down to run away and hide

And though I have my moments when this is all I want to do
It isn't a solution that's going to get me through

You see this has happened to my family...for a time we fell apart
I watched as one by one we collapsed and broke our hearts

But through all the bad that's happened there's come a lot of good
For now we live our lives just the way we should

My mum could have passed then we wouldn't have her here
I thank the Lord every day that I get to hold her near

For now we're still a family and we put that part first
There's no denying we've suffered............

But it could have been much worse.

By Emma Gregory
Thank your for taking the time to read this