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Bari Lynn Dizengoff

Beautiful Butterfly
Look, look, butterflies everywhere
On my shirt, socks, finger and in my hair
They remind me of my past history
The early days, right after my injury
When I felt broken and off-beat
Like a caterpillar, ugly and incomplete

But we are different, the caterpillar and me
It didn't have to work to be set free
While I had to learn to live a new way
By putting all that I learned into play

I had to accomplish many seemingly simple tasks
Like holding up my head without being asked
To use one hand, instead of two
Is not an easy thing to do
To get around, since I can't walk
To communicate, since I can't talk

But my transformation is not yet complete
I still have many goals to meet
And as I work and persevere
I hope my problems disappear
Then, like the helpless caterpillar in a cocoon
I'll become a beautiful butterfly soon.

Bari Lynn Dizengoff 1999