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It would be an understatement if I said Life is impossible to understand.  To grasp
the consequences of each moment in time is infinite. 
If one stops and contemplates each moment you would be forever stagnant in reflections 
It s the passion and drive inside of each one of use that leads us .compels us to
engage .. 
Every time I am compelled to take a risk .. to move on a feeling deep from within  I
am in awe of the outcome . and how I have come to this place this moment in time
.this consequential conclusion of my measures 
And then and only then am I left with my reflections to ponder 

Turning Point
I believe that in our journey through existence we have a countless multitude of
turning points. 
How do we determine the best direction to go  there are so so many factors to weigh
and agonize over   why , what, when, who, how, and on and on. 
I need to know how to traverse through it all and maintain a shred of sanity while
doing it.    
I m at a turning point that s muttled with endless decisions . it fogs the recesses
of my mind to distraction.    
What do I do with my entity  what do I hold on to and what do I set free.   Which
choice will rip the fabric of my soul to the ground and end this journey for me.  
 I m weary of it all.   Of it all . 
By A.M. Legrand