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The recesses within are darkened with shadows of sorrow and loneliness 
The inner turmoil is closing in, consuming the remainder of all 
Where do you find acceptance and comfort . how do you begin again 
I have no answers for all of the pain within the deep crevices of sorrow and who I
use to be 
The person I was will never be who I am I now . why am I now  I do not know.. 
I have fallen into a world that is filled with nothing but walls of pain and
How do I clime so many walls ..I am weary lost .disabled 
Alone..with the inner me 

An Awakening

I am now a woman, feeling and sensing what I never have, enjoying and loving
the life that is me.  Where did this come from and why.  Don t get me wrong, I am
amazed and in awe of it all, the thoughts, the intensity of life and love, why did
it take so long to get here.   I morn for so so many lost years trapped in the
depths of my psyche.    
This is a re-birth, it has to be, and nothing else could explain such intensity,
such passion for life.  I have enthusiastic enjoyment from the ability to exchange
thoughts and feelings with my lover and friends, it is so new, so different, I am
different.. I love me and now I see how people are so free.  I am uninhibited, I
have the passport to experience life, why did it take so long to obtain such a
wonderful amazing gift.  Oh what I have missed being locked in the confines of hate
and self loathing.   What a waste. 
I am free, free to experience all that a women feels and thinks and not be ashamed
or embarrassed of it.  I finally love being a women and it fills my soul with a rush
of joy, like anticipation of some wonderful playful surprise.  I walk a path that is
unknown and new and I am not afraid, I join all the women who walk it with me and I
am happy, truly happy. 
                                                                Anne from Sunny SoCal