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Anita "Blue" Sherrill

Halo's to a world unknowing of me,
my presence,
my oh so aloness!
I pray every day that god will recreate me,
in his own image &likeness,
that I may be 'according to his will alone.
That I may learn to live again!
To eat, walk, talk &hope again!

please god, come for me now!
rescue, enlighten & enliven me, please!
yes, i still live & I'm still me!
i pray now to die with god at my side,
quickly & quietly,
without human intervention that'll save for me
i rather agree with the hospice philosophy!
god, it's so hard to recover!
so painful!
and i am alone,
across the continent from my home.
Please, won't you please
have mercy on me?
I'll thank you BIG for all I may recover,
be it life
without fear, hope, or love
or my friends & family again...
good luck to all with tbi,
you're known,
you're tragedy is understood!
A good, god filled day to all reading this...
good-bye now.