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Amber Coons

As I Wait
It has been many weeks, though it seems like years
For I have experienced many kinds of fears
Things suddenly changed and I ran away
You should never do that, as my other friend will say
I will think to myself and remember the past
It would be so nice if those good days would last
I will sit back and wait, stay occupied each day
Sometimes it will be hard, though I must find a way
This situation will change and get better in time
My friend Sue will suddenly look at me and just shine
As Sue likes me agian, the other friend I spoke about
Said you gave it time and Sue likes you with no doubt
I know waiting is hard but just sit back with me
That is all we ever do for it is just not easy
This is not the first and I'm sure not the last
Things will change and change and change so fast
This problem sure did scare me as I lost some sleep
This is not very common, but I would actually weep

Change, Change, Change
This change just started many years ago
Though the world did not stop as I missed much of the show
Change scares me so much as I just must accept,
I have many new friends with their love I collect
This brings me such joy when they say "I like you"
I just grin very big and say "I like you too."
My change will never stop until the day that I go
I just make it the best as this is the show
I hear many things "some good yet some bad"
If at all possible, just don't make me sad
I may just cry, get sad or even frown
Though my life is the best as I'm in the same town
I go to Day Care down in LaPlata
Good ol Donna is loved by me alot
I wrote poems for her many times in the past,
Whether I continue or not our friendship will last
I like many girls and I tell them each day
I don't wish to show favoritism in any kind of way
A lady I met is my friend to this day
As she is so nice you will always hear me say
I have drifted from the title as some may claim
Though I am always realizing that this is no game

Life Goes On
I have a nice friend whose name is Dove
Each good friendship I know will always need love
She says that she will be moving away
Her and I both do not want to see that day
She cries and asks "will our friendship end?"
I say "never, you are a special friend"
In the future I know that she will make many friends
Though saying goodbye always hurts when all ends
I will never say that life will get better in time
Though I just know you can always make it shine
No one should ever have alot of tears
Just wake up each day with the best of cheers
For I am not mad and never will be
It would hurt always if I ever crushed thee
You say that you will hurt from dusk till dawn
I will say that is senseless because "Life Goes On"

Forever Mine
You have always been my sweet little boys
As just one day you said "no more toys"
In this life that goes so fast each day
You woke up at once and went your own way
Never did I expect this change so fast
I must let you go your own way at last
For yes the love we will always share
Though you're far away which is hard to bare
Under my roof you are with me every day
I love you James "please never go astray"
Yes, Terry you're dear and always will be
When it's hard to handle coming running to me
For you know that I love you as I always say
Please never fear that this will end one day
James and Terry are the sparkle in my eyes
Never let me hear you put them down
For that would not be very wise

If it will be, let it always be
Lets make it last through eternity
As our lives go on from day to day
I am made so happy in every way
As your sweet love comes straight to me,
That smile sweet smile, let it always be
I do so ask "can this be a dream?"
If I need to awaken will I please just not scream
For this dear America-land that I love
Will you always be with me like a sweet turtledove
As I wake up each morning with love in my heart
I will just have us dancing through every part
I need it, I need it, I need it so much
If you only knew how I needed your touch
Through this life to me every love does shine
And with all that I see it could only be fine
For I always try from day to day,
To make every smile come your way
My friend may see that I'm feeling blue,
She will just turn to me and say "I love you"
All of these words come straight from my heart
You have given me so much, so I ask "never part"
I'll end this right here though just for this time
The next day we're together I know I'll just shine

My Day With You
For I always need it to be so nice
Please never say I must pay a price
If everyone needs it which I know is true
My life would be nothing yes dull without you
We are always happy so happy together
Even in the gray dark stormy weather
Please oh please let the sky turn blue
Though it may be hot I'll stay cuddled to you
When I just say goodbye please don't let it be hard
I will never forget you as I send love in a card
As this poem, this poem makes not much sense
I know I'll never need to give you any hints

I'm Happy
A feather always comes straight to me
Everytime I think of thee
I am making this up, especially for you
As I am so happy that my dream has come true
Everyone knows that I like you so much
I thank God everyday for that one special touch
You are so great,so great can't you see
If anyone says different, they'll have to deal with me

I Must Learn
As Cait is my friend, I have learned a great deal,
I say "I like you to" for our friendship is real
We are far from alike her and I will both learn
Though I'll make our lives great in time, they will never burn
As I know she will not let our friendship unfold,
Cait is always the best as she deserves gold
I am thinking so kindly of her as I write
I hope our lives better as I pray so each night
Cait will advise me each day not to take things so hard
She knows me very well and says "write me a card"
As times have changed so suddenly, it scares me to death
Though I guess it must be Cait will help me so well though I must turn away
On my own I should learn to live life through each day
She has other friends and I have some to
I must not feel left out because she likes me to
I will continue to write poems as they help me express
My feelings to all without settling for less

Stay There
My friend has asked many times before
"Please don't always come knocking on my door"
She tells me that she still likes me alot
Now that I'm with more people she says
"Other friends you've got"
She likes to be alone most of the time
Though if I want to talk to her she always says fine
As I did something before that I know was not right
During the day I talk to her (that is all) not at night
As things change I also change too
Though it scares me at first "it's just something new"
For my feelings may change so suddenly
It is never her fault "I have problems" it's me
All of a sudden I see things are just fine
How silly can I get as I worried the whole time
This is not the first and I can promise not the last
I will be very confused as things change so fast
I'll go back to the title of the poem that I wrote
Please always remember as I give you this note