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Amanda "Willow"

Misery Of Reality
Lost in a world of fantasy
My visions are unclear
Must I face the unavoidable reality
That nothing is how it willl appear

I look around in a daze
My words speak only silence
This world is all like a maze
I am trapped by a wiring fence

Is this world of a conspiracy
I ponder that in my thought
This reality is haunting me
In this game I cannot be caught

In this maze I try to hide
From the reality that is near
My path is now narrow from wide
The end is soon to be here

My time is soon to run out
My own world is soon to end
This world of reality is bringing doubt
Now I have lost my world, which I could not defend

The world of reality is here
My peace is now astray
For it is all that I did fear
In silence of misery I lay

Over the reality cliff my hair will drape
Without the vision of hope insight
Again I have failed to escape
Reality has won the fight

With nothing to look ahead for
I hang my head in gloom
For the hopes of the sky I will never soar
And my dreams will never bloom

My lifeis now of seclusion
My thoughts are nothing more
Gone in a world of confusion
My peace of mind is now tore

For now it is you I warn
No matter how you flee
Your world may soon be torn
By the "Misery of Reality"