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Allan Brubaker

When you Pray
I've traveled the hi-ways and by-ways with this BI I have today.
Totally disoreinted an confused. I have felt much suffering and pain

I've held my head high from proudness within.And I've hung my head in shame.
There is a weakness in every mans & womans soul., a weakness we care not to share.

The weakness I have may be made strongif you'll whispermy name in your prayer.

So when you pray, will you pray for me? For I need your love and care.Will you whisper my name in your prayers?

I've shed many teardrops of burden and guilt. Teardrops which flowed like a fall.

But there is a kleenex so soft and pure that can wipe them away, every tear.

Yes a kleenex from heaven held by gods holy hand that can wipe away every tear.

Yes a kleenex from heaven may be waiting for me , if you'll whisper my name in your prayer.

If your suffering from sadness, burden or guilt, if your soul is heavy with pain,Ifyour in hungerof food for your soul, when I pray I'll remember your name.

Yes when I pray I'll pray for you.
If you need my love and care
when I pray I'll pray for you.
Yes I'll whisper your name in in my prayer.
I thank you all for the friendship you have given me. I love you all so much. When I pray I'll whisper your name

God bless you all Allan_wb