The TBI Chat Room
Welcome to the TBIChat Family

The chat rooms are to share experiences, meet new people, get support and information about brain injury. The chat rooms are open to Brain Injury survivors, caregivers, families and friends. Our priorities are helping people in need and providing a fun positive environment for chatters.

The simplest way to say it is TBIChat is about helping and supporting. We work to keep the room positive and respectful. If you want to see that spelled out more specifically, see TBIChat Community Standards.

We have several standing chat rooms:
#tbichat ...our main chatroom for everyone
#carechat ...caregivers room
#welcome ...for newcomers
#popups ...for fun with graphics in IRC programs

Our rules, simply...TBIChat main room is for everyone:
1. G rated (general) chat for language. no swearing or abusive talk.
2. take non G or personal discussions to side room or to Private chat
3. we welcome & assist Newcomers and give them opportunity to share
4. have fun and remember we may need to help someone at anytime here in chat.
5. if you have a problem or concern, please write to:

The TBIChat online community has a few different ways to share our stories and info. If and when you are ready, consider these:
Subscribing to the daily email chat reminder (and updates on members (like birthdays etc) and the TBIChat website) which will deliver up to 3 emails per day to you.

This website has several places you might want to add your own information:
Chatter's Who's Who: A listing of chatters by nickname with info
Where we are from: A geographic listing of chatters
Pictures/Stories of Survivors/Caregivers: A great way to share a story or a smile
Birthdays and Brain Injury anniversaries lists
Poems, Writings & Artwork
Question of the Week and
Discussion Board
Have questions or need help with website? email the Webmaster

Most TBIChat regulars are very helpful people! We also have Chatroom Operators who are experienced chatters who volunteer to help people! Watch for them online.

When you are ready for a new trick, another chat software is ICQ....a list of TBIchatters is here, as well as where to download this extra.

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