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Jenny at the Badlands Hi! I'm an e-mail junkie..BIG time! I just wanted to give all my e-mail buddies in the US and overseas a chance to see my web-page! The 1st link is to my TBI chatroom,where I sometimes find my sanity talking to other severe or mild head/brain injury people.

The 2nd link I have on their is some REALLY cool tests one of my girlfriends told me about to do if I'm ever bored!

And the last link-but greatest link is my live-in boyfriend's band web-site The Jacobson Organ!

I hope you ALL enjoy my seeing my web-page! Jenny

Here are some of my favorite websites:

Really Cool page (/)
Another Really Cool page (http://www.emode.com)
The Coolest page of all (http://www.yotjo.com/)

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